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Sites need a remote visit that can differentiate and tell their unique story. A visit by letting CROs/Trial Sponsor explore your site from anywhere on any device.

Is it Pre-Study Visit or Site Initiation Visit

Making Study Start-Up Approval Easier

SiteNavi is a way CROs/Trial Sponsors can tour, select, view and approve a Research site facility and requirements without physically being there. Cost savings for every CRO and Trial Sponsors. Make Site Startup quicker with no travel required. Save time and Save Money.

Study Questionnaires

Site identification and capabilities of investigator.

Facility Approval

Remote tour of the facility to confirm that the site has all the requirements necessary to conduct the trial.

Equipment and Calibration Approval

Identify equipment per room location with a detailed description and an attached calibration record.

Our Capabilities

Delivering unparalleled engagement to provide meaningful data

Fast & Effective

The average PSV/SIV site tour in person visit is 30 minutes to an hour, while SiteNavi remote visit are on average 10 minutes.

Making Visit accessible

Remote clickable photo or videos with elements (such as, equipment's) encourage.

Value & Results

The need for remote visit rises, creating an increase in quality.

Cutting edge made simple

Remote visit engages display calls to action moving start up to the next step in process.

It's time for a better way to approve and engage.

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Processes & Solutions

Expedite your site qualification and selection process.

  • Through tailored partnership, we help CROs accelerate progress and drive results. Powered by insight and expertise, our solution is designed to solve toughest challenges from cost of travel to meaningful approvals.
  • We conduct original best practice research
  • Providing continuous study site approval with CRO-focused research to help them reach their goal.
  • Getting qualified doctors and sites into research, CROs need to be thinking of overall clinical research portfolio and how they can contribute to the future of research needs.
  • Enjoy Business development service for a fraction of what it cost to have CRAs Travel for a tour.
  • Maximize your cash flow and profits by removing financial burdens in contract during site study start-ups and uncover all billable items.
  • Reduce annual overhead and remove inefficiencies.
  • Avoid hefty flight ticket fees.

Improve the site visit experience

The primary objective of a Study startup is to activate the site so that they can ultimately begin collecting data pertaining to the trial.

Bringing your CRAs visits together in one platform
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