Working from anywhere should be easy

With Sitenavi, we created a tool to reduce the industry lengthy startup timeline such as PSV or SIV or Interim visit stop checks.

CROs or Sponsors have access to research sites without actually visiting the research clinic.

  • Cost effective solution on the market. Increase compliance and ensure studies are on track
  • Reduce the numbers of inaccessible site in the world
  • No waiting on CRCs availability or schedule
  • Site can securely record their facility

SiteNavi provides an online solution to request, review and approve a site for a specific study start-up. Your research site will be able to submit and track approval process and be notified upon approval by CRO/Sponsor.

  • Verified Icon for Validated Clinical Sites/Facilities/CROs/Trial Sponsors
  • Site approved by Principal Investigator per study
  • Unlimited Employees – complete control over user authorized access and Multiple factor Authentication
  • Continuous approval process
  • Feasibility Questionnaire per study specific
  • Activate sites quicker
  • Server Secure data base
  • Ability to add, upload file images and videos
  • Ability to provide detailed description of facility and equipment use
  • Approve and Reject facility space and equipment
  • Facility and Equipment/Calibration Expiration 1-year max
  • Equipment Image or Video upload and approval
  • Calibration Image or video upload and approval
  • Data Archiving for 2 years
  • Facility approval
  • Notification/Study alert reminders
  • Contact Directory
  • Actionable reporting
  • Export of data to Excel
  • Role-based access
  • Regulatory compliance
  • 100% audit confidence
  • Multiple language translator

Extend the power of SiteNavi to your study team so that they can respond quickly to research updates.

Research Site
Principal Investigator
Research Coordinators
Trial Sponsors/CROs
Clinical Research Associate

Keeping projects going

A study specific site inspection and access to the entire site facility

Continue site visits from hundreds of miles away anywhere in the world

The advantage of the prerecorded video that allows CROs to inspect the site at thier own pace

Doctors sign off on study specific Site Facility photo and video content via Sitenavi App

Identify sites for a study and increase visibility

  • Select sites from directory
  • Send feasibility Questionnaire application per study specific
  • Review responses from sites
An Easier and quicker turnaround time to answered questionnaires
Faster startup
Eliminate barriers to completion
  • Apply guidance to smooth the path to close achievement gaps
  • Accelerate study startup
  • Add Flexibility
  • Simplify site facility and study equipment approval
  • Gain mobile control
  • Proven solution while delivering results
  • Getting you where you need to be
Prepare your research approval process for the future
  • Study start-up success
  • Site success
  • CRO success

Technology Overview

SiteNavi uses scalable technology to provide a simple workflow Process and Solution to get sites approved for a specific study.

Cloud based platform, backups and security

Web-based Interface


Management software portal

Sitenavi Continuous upgrade version 1.1

Review and Maintenance

Partnered with Microsoft Azure and Stripe

Administrative function

User assigned system security through email code

HIPAA and BAA Compliance

Web Portal Multi Language translation

You're in safe hands

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